Running GitLab CE inside Rancher

First, we need to create a project inside Rancher. Select your cluster. Then go to Projects/Namespaces menu. Then click Add project.

rancher namespaces

Write the project name and click Create.

rancher create project

Then go to your newly created project. You should see this menu.

rancher project page

Click deploy. On the deploy screen write needed GitLab version. I’m running latest one (gitlab/gitlab-ce:12.1.4-ce.0), export http, https and ssh ports.

rancher deploy page

Then mount volumes to persist container data. Choose Bind-Mount from host and type desired volume location, and mount points as following for data, config, and logs.

rancher volumes

After some time we will see open ports and can create a new GitLab account. Type password for the root account. And login with credentials: root/<your password>

gitlab login page